Get the Look Fall Copper Eyes

Shift your summer makeup to a trendy fall fashion-statement with this copper ethereal glow. Flaunting electric eyes and a nude lip helps smooth that seasonal transition with a bonus tip for taking this look from day to night with a bold, berry pout. Get the look with these easy-to-follow steps!

Step 1

Step 1

Prime your eyes using the Age Defying Treatment Concealer and set it with the lightest shade from our Truffle Bliss Eye Shadow Duo. Then define your crease with the toasted peach shade from the Sienna Dusk Eye Shadow Duo. TIP: We love using our Oval Shadow Brush and Crease Brush to achieve this step.



Step 2

Sweep the deep coral shade from the Desert Fire Eye Shadow Trio from lashline to crease and slightly wing out the corners of the eyes. Press the same shade into your bottom lash line with a small smudge brush like this one.

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

Using the pad of your middle finger, lightly press a bit of Topaz Water Color onto the center of your lid for an enhanced shimmer effect. Then line under your eyes with the same shade using a small precision brush like our Eye Liner/Brow Brush for a metallic coppery haze.



Step 4

Enhance this eye look by creating a fine line with the Brown Eye Pencil. Echo the winged eye shadow in Step 2 by creating a small flick around the corner of your eye. Complete the liner by smudging a small amount on the outer portion of your bottom lash line and blending it into the eye shadow.

Step Four

Step Five

Step 5

Highlight the inner corner of your eye with the Opal Water Color and a clean Smudge Brush. Then complete this look with 2 coats of Volumizing Mascara.


From Day to Night

Glam it up with this season's trending bold, berry lip! Line your lips with Plum Berry Lip Pencil, apply Brazilian Nut Lipstick and top it off with Berry Lip Gloss to complete your evening look.

Berry Lip