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Disruptor Harmonized Water

Disruptor Harmonized Water

Harmonize pathogens in the body for a happier, healthier you! Disruptor contains a cancellation frequency for substances that are not harmonious with the body. This includes pathogens, toxins, and in some cases, memories and results in the harmonization of pathogens. Shop for Disruptor Harmonized Water here.
Eye Makeup Remover

Melt Away Gelee - Eye Makeup Remover

Remove your long-wearing makeup with ease now available in a larger 100 mL size! Upgrade your size here.
Holistic Fat Detox

Melt - Fat Detox

A holistic approach to fat loss, Melt is a new fat detox supplement that works to shrink the size of fat cells. Formulated to boost metabolism, not only shrinking fat cells, but also utilizing fat to help you achieve results. Start your fat detox here.