Frequently Asked Questions

How does your company support sustainability?

We maintain sustainability by using recyclable packaging and materials, BPA and BPS free bottles, and using natural or eco certified ingredients. We design our products to have minimal packaging and maximize the bottle usage so there is limited waste. We are compliant with California Prop 65 as well as the California Air Resource Board with all of our ingredients. Osmosis continues sustainability support by respecting animal life and does not test or harm animals.

Are your bottles recyclable?

Yes, they are recyclable under category 7.

Are Osmosis products natural and organic?

When possible, we use natural and bio-identical ingredients and have clean, non-toxic formulas.

Are your products gluten-free and vegan?

Most of our products are vegan and gluten-free. Please check individual products for specific ingredient information.

What products are Oncology Friendly?

The majority of our Skincare and Colour products are Oncology Friendly. The recommendation and use of these products should be done by trained professionals in Oncology Skincare to ensure safe and effective use. Some products may not be recommended for certain types of cancer or during certain stages.

Do you test your products on animals?

We do NOT test on animals or endorse such practices. Our wellness supplements and skincare line, with the exception of Catalyst AC-11 and Elevate, are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Do your bottles contain Bisphenol-A (BPA) or the replacement for it, BPS?

BPA is sometimes found in polycarbonate plastics with the identification code of 3 or 7. Most of our bottles are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Resin which is plastic code #1 and is BPA and BPS free. A small number of our bottles are made from plastic code #6, also BPA and BPS free. Click here to learn more about PET resin bottles.

Can you use Osmosis while pregnant?

We recommend you always consult with your physician while pregnant or breastfeeding before the use of any active products or supplements. While pregnant or breastfeeding you may use all of the Osmosis products with the exception of Melt and Pathway. We recommend discontinuing and consulting with a physician should you experience sensitivities to any beauty or supplement products.

What is the difference between Immerse and Nourish?

Immerse's primary oil is Emu Oil which is richer and heavier than Nourish, making it great for massages and promoting wound healing. Nourish's main ingredient is frequency-enhanced organic avocado oil to harmonize, heal, and regenertae (like our Waters). This makes it very unique! Nourish is a lighter oil and can even be used under makeup or as a daily moisturizer for overly dry, dehydrated skin.

What is the difference between Melt Away Gelee and Lift Away Cleansing Balm?

Melt Away Gelee is best used as a makeup remover for the eyes and lips. It contains a much higher oil content than our Nourish Facial Oil which gives it the ability to effectively break down high-performance makeup like waterproof mascara, liquid eye liner, long-wear lipstick, etc. but will not necessarily cleanse or thoroughly detoxify the skin. While Lift Away will remove makeup and debris, it is more effective in cleansing the skin as it removes toxins and provides nourishment. Lift Away also contains more emollients, but not as much oil, so it wipes or rinses away much cleaner.

Why should we be protecting ourselves from environmental toxins?

Our bodies see over 1,000,000 toxins every day. It is the main cause of cancer, birth defects, disease, and overall sluggishness and makes the possibility of getting sick from viruses or developing alelrgies much higher. Some of the most challenging toxins are the ones that resemble estrogen because they impact so many aspects of the body. These include chlorine, pesticides, plasticizes, and many food preservatives.

How soon can I use Osmosis after a peel or microdermabrasion?

If you have received a peel, microdermabrasion or any other form of professional exfoliation, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of active products, like the Vitamin A Serums, until your skin has normalized. You may continue to use all other products, especially Rescue.

Can I cocktail all of my serums together?

We recommend a regimen that incorporates multiple serums for best results. It is best to apply the serums individually. For optimal results make sure the products are fully absorbed into the skin before layering the next serum.

What are Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, and Propanediol? I thought they were bad for you.

These are ingredients that are sometimes confused. Pentylene Glycol, found in our new Vitamin A treatment serums, is derived from coconut though ours is bio-identically made. It is non-toxic and not harmful. Zemea (Propanediol), found in Catalyst, is corn derived and has received the ECOCERT seal. It is non-toxic and not harmful. Our bio-identical form of Butylene Glycol used in Refresh, is the same form found in cocoa butter and the roots of the Common Rue plant. Both Pentylene Glycol and Propanediol are humectants, helping the skin to retain moisture.

What form of phosphatidylcholine (PC) you use in your skin care formulations... Native PC, or Hydrogentated phosphatidylcholine (PC-H)?

There are usually 2 types of PC used in skincare: pure, native PC (PC) and Hydrogenated PC (PC-H). Both are used for very different things. PC is used for its liposomal, transdermal delivery properties. When you hydrogenate PC, you remove that property. PC-H is used only for its highly emollient, moisturizing properties. We use PC-H in Quench and Refresh. But all the "delivery system" products (Correct, Renew, Clarify, Replenish, StemFactor, and Facial Infusion), all have PURE PC to ensure adequate delivery. Our supplier also indicated that that most, if not all, of the allergenic soy proteins are removed from PC, so people who have soy allergies, are not usually effected by topical PC.

My product looks/smells different than before?

Osmosis skincare products are made using a variety of natural, organic, and botanical ingredients. Variations in color, fragrance, and consistency are simply a result of natural variations in the materials used to make our products and in no way impacts their efficacy.

Do you use benzyl alcohol in your products?

Benzyl alcohol is used in small amounts as part of a preservative that meets Ecocert standards and is NaTrue certified. This ingredient is often used to dissolve other ingredients to get them into formulation and evaporates during that process. Due to the source, method and amounts used we are not concerned that this ingredient poses any harm.

What is the source of your Hyaluronic Acid?

Glucose is the source of our Hyaluronic Acid and is gluten free, vegan, and is not tested on animals.

Why do you use Sodium Hydroxide in some of your products?

Sodium Hydroxide is a pH adjuster that improves consistency. It is not harmful to the skin.

What is the shelf life of your skincare products?

Each formulation is tested through a Quality Control process that consists of monitoring the product's efficacy and expriation date. The Skincare Products have an 18 month shelf life and Wellness Products is 18 months to 2 years.

Do you use sustainable palm oil?

Yes, we use sustainable palm oil in our skincare products.

Which products have nut-based ingredients?

Products with Nut-Based Ingredients Ingredient Source
Acne Powder Blend L-Mandelic Acid Almonds
Clarify Vitamin A Serum L-Mandelic Acid Almonds
Cucumber Mint Mask Pistachio Pulp & Sweet Almond Oil Pistachio & Almonds
Enrich Night CrèmeAlmond Oil & Ethyl MacadamiateAlmonds & Macadamia Seed Oil
Facial InfusionL-Mandelic AcidAlmonds
Lift Away Cleansing BalmAlmond Oil & Ethyl MacadamiateAlmonds & Macadamia Seed Oil
Refresh Morning Eye Serum Sweet Almond OilAlmonds
Remedy Healing Balm Horse Chestnut Seed Extract Horse Chestnut

Why are Osmosis Catalyst formulations deep in color?

Our Catalyst formulations contain the highest technology for DNA reparability in the skin. This combination of active ingredients incorporates AC-11 (in our AC-11 formulation), Copper, and L-Ascorbic Acid (which may darken and oxidize over time). These ingredients may all contribute to the color of the formulas. We recommend pairing these serums with our Clear or Clear Plus+ Activating Mists in order to provide additional slip and glide as well as assist with product penetration.

Are the Brushes sustainable and are any animals harmed?

The handle of our brushes is made from Birch which is categorized and sustanable. The ferrule is recyclable aluminum. Most of our brushes use goat or pony hair or a combination of both. The mane or tail is shaved from the animals to acquire the hair quality. No animal is ever harmed or killed for their hair. The other brushes used for "wet" products are synthetic.

Are the brushes in your Colour collection sustainable and are any animals harmed?

The handle of our brushes is wood made from Birch which is categorized as sustainable. The ferrule is recyclable aluminum. Most of our brushes use goat or pony hair or a combination of both. Usually the mane or tail is shaved from the animals to acquire the hair quality. No animal is ever harmed or killed for their hair. The other brushes used for "wet" products are synthetic.

Can I use Melt Away Gelee with eyelash extensions?

We do not recommend that you do as the oils in the Melt Away Gelee will break down the glue of the extensions.

Why is it so important to have balance in our bodies (including physical health, mental health, and digestive/gut health)?

Our bodies are designed with very precise hormone levels that are specific to each individual. These hormones are monitored and adjusted throughout the day to keep the cells, organs, and mind functioning at optimum levels. Taking hormones to try and manage this is flawed because you can never know exactly what the body needs and they cause the body to make lower amounts of their normal daily production. The ideal scenario is to maximize the body's innate potential to produce and regulate hormones itself. Environmental Detox, Elevate, and Hormone Water can do exactly that. DIM, a primary ingredient in Environmental Detox, binds estrogenic toxins that lower the body's estrogen level and cause an imbalance with all hormone systems all systems. By binding the toxins, the body normalizes its levels and finds balance. Elevate accelerates the ATP process which results in more hormone production. Hormone Health gives the body the sensation of having balanced hormones without interfering with the natural production levels of hormones. The result is a balanced, healthy system that operates under the guidance of the body's remarkable, innate brilliance.

If I'm not experiencing one of the conditions listed in the multiple frequency waters, how will it affect my body?

It won't affect you as the frequencies only target imbalances in the body and the body ignores the rest. None of the frequencies are harmful. The Waters are safe for all ages and there are no side effects.

How long do the frequency treated waters last?

There is no expiration date on any of the Waters. The energy is in the form of frequencies which means the water molecule always contains that energy until used by the body. As long as you do not put anything into the bottle once opened the water is always viable.

Are there any environmental conditions in which I should not store my water?

If your Water is delivered in the cold of winter and is frozen upon arrival, it is still good to use once it thaws. Some heat is okay but since it is stored in plastic, extended heat is not advised. Do not put the Waters in alkalinized water or drink them at the same time as it will disable it.

Why are you using other preservatives instead of just frequency treated water?

Our frequency treated water is a great first line of defense preservative but once exposed to microbes the energy or frequencies in the water molecules get used up and are unable to fight off any further exposure so we needed a second line of defense. The other two preservatives that you will find in Osmosis products include Dehydroacetic Acid and Honeysuckle extract. Honeysuckle is an all natural preservative derived from the flower bud. Dehydroacetic Acid has been through rigorous testing and has received approval for use by both the European Union and Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (one of the strictest review boards). It is 85% Organic, Eco Certified, and used as a food preservative. Since we are using these as a second line of defense we only need to use a small amount and are present at less than 1% in Osmosis Products.

Should you disconnect the RevitaPen unit from the power source once fully charged?

You can keep the RevitaPen plugged in even after it is fully charged and it will not affect the battery lifespan or break down the battery. It is similar to your Smart Phone devices. As a reminder, the indicator light will turn green once it is fully charged.