Midnight Glitz Holiday Makeup

Get an electrifying look for the holiday season with this makeup tutorial featuring a perfectly contoured complexion and a smokey sparkle that's festive and bright. Learn how with the step-by-step guide below. TIP: Check out our Limited Edition Shimmer Me Kit to help you conveniently create this holiday look!

Step One

Step 1

Using the Angled Blush Brush and the contour shade from the Lustrous Contour Duo, create a thin line from the center of the ear under the cheekbone down to the middle of the brow. Use the same shade to trace under the jawline and blend down to your neck. Then, bring this same shade from the temple across the forehead and blend.

Step Two

Step 2

With the Medium Accent Brush and the highlighting shade from the Lustrous Contour Duo, lightly sweep the high points of your face such as the tops of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, under the brow bone, and the cupid's bow to accent your best features!


Step Three

Step 3

Prep the eyes by blending a small amount of the Age Defying Treatment Concealer with the Concealer Brush. Using the Blender Brush, sweep the darker shade from the Lustrous Contour Duo into your crease to create definition.

Step Four

Step 4

Apply the Black Eye Pencil on your lid from lash line to crease. Don't worry about precision in this step, we'll be blending it in the next!


Step Five

Step 5

Blend the Black Eye Pencil using the Contour Shadow Brush. TIP: Our Eye Pencils are long-wear and will set quickly, so get to blending as soon as you can!

Step Six

Step 6

Then, apply Black Eye Pencil to your lower lash line and blend under your eye using the smudge brush at the end of the Eye Pencil for a natural smokey look.


Step Seven

Step 7

Using your finger or our Smudge Brush, dab Azure Water Color onto the center of your lid and blend into your crease and outwards.

Step Eight

Step 8

Take the same Smudge Brush and apply a small amount of Azure Water Color to the center of the lower lash line to make the eye look larger.


Step Nine

Step 9

With your finger or a clean Smudge Brush, dab a small amount of Opal Water Color in your tear duct area as well as under your brow to brighten and highlight! Then, apply several coats of the Volumizing Mascara to complete the eye look.

Step Ten

Step 10

Pair with your favotire lip and cheek! We went with a soft, pink lippie using our First Kiss Lipstick topped with Flirt Lip Glaze and added a pop of color to the cheeks with one of our favorite blushes, Pink Pearl.