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UV Water Tan Enhancing Clinical Study

New UV Water Tan Enhancing Clinical Study

96% of participants showed a decrease in redness and an improvement in tanning from UV exposure!

UV Water Tan Enhancing Water works by creating an energy field at the surface of the skin neutralizing UV radiation and prompting melanocytes to create more melanin in the skin. Whereas most tanning is indicative of DNA damange from UV exposure, tanning that occurs with UV Neutralizer is not caused by damaging DNA, but rather exciting the melanocyte stimulating hormone.

This study was conducted to test the efficacy of UV Water Tan Enhancing on preventing erythema (redness of skin) and improvement of melanin production (tanning) when exposed to UV radiation. The graphs below show the statistically significant results that occurred in comparison to placebo water. Get the Clincal Study details here.

UV Neutralizer Tan Enhancing Results
UV Neutralizer Tan Enhancing Results

Acne Study

NEW! Clinical Study for Acne

Osmosis Skincare's Skin Perfection improves acne for 60% of participants in 4 weeks using nothing topically on the face. There has never been a clinical trial of an acne supplement, let alone one that works better than prescription medication. It is frequency enhanced water that treats the source of acne. View the full study and read more about these amazing results!

*Th​e study tested the efficacy of scalar wave technology ​of​ frequency-treated water in acenic skin. The name of the product used​ in the study is called ​ Waves Skin Harmony Water​ which contains the same frequencies as Osmosis Skin Perfection.​ The Osmosis Skin Perfection is available through the professional market.​

Acne Study Results
Acne Study Areas of Improvement

Catalyst AC-11

Clinical Study for CATALYST AC-11®

Osmosis is excited to announce its official Clinical Study for Catalyst AC-11, with incredible results! View the study to discover how Catalyst AC-11® partners with the skin here.

Catalyst AC-11 Mean Percent Improvement 1 Use
Catalyst AC-11 Mean Percent Improvement 8 Weeks

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