Robin McGee

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Get to Know Our CEO

Robin McGee is a spunky combination of ambition and selfless passion. She is a loving mother, dedicated yogi, and fearless leader. For over three decades, Robin has been creating and defining brands while bringing them to life in many forms. She has cultivated award-winning makeup collections and led beauty companies into million dollar successes through many market channels.

Her love for beauty started with her career as a Cosmetic Buyer for Nordstrom, followed then by a deep dive into advanced esthetics and wellness. Throughout her career, Robin has served in many senior management positions and now as CEO of Osmosis Skincare and founder of Osmosis Colour. She has managed and developed many acclaimed brands from start up to worldwide distribution and has now helped lead the innovative fusion of beauty and wellness with Osmosis.

Her passion for inspiring others to reach their potential through authentic moments has become the 'why' she loves doing what she does. Her heart is embedded in the idea that people have endless potential once they open up to it. Robin's success stems from her natural marketing sizzle and seasoned industry strategies. Her energy is contagious and her expertise in the beauty industry drives more than just success, it creates permanent, positive change in the lives of others.