I have been dealing with melasma for almost two years as a result of birth control pills and finally have found a product that works. I have tried everything…chemical peels, IPL, hydroquinone and retinol, and while the melasma lightened slightly, it was still there. I happened to come across your website after I was at my wit’s end trying to find something to make the melasma go away. After one month of using the Osmosis Restore products (the internal and topical), I am finally seeing a significant difference. I truly believe that melasma is an internal problem and wish that more doctors had the insight like you to heal the issue from the inside. Thank you for your work and I promise to spread the word to my friends that suffer from the same frustrating problem. ~ Cara, West Palm Beach, FL

"My skin has never been as beautiful as it is right now. I am using Purify, Catalyst Renew Replenish and conditioning water. Your product is quite exceptional, both in ingredients and consistency. I am most grateful for your expertise in this field. There are hundreds of thousands of skincare promises,but you have delivered!!!!" ~ Robin, Long Beach, NY

"I would like to say thank you for making Elevate supplements available for purchase in your Salon, Elevate has changed my life. I have adrenal fatigue and was extremely tired all the time, and had a foggy head, which made my life and everyday hard work. I was told about the product but have to admit I was very skeptical. After 3 days my foggy head had gone, and my energy levels were amazing. I especially love this product and thank elevate for giving me back my life. I really recommend this product to anyone especially if you need an extra boost. Thank you Elevate!" ~ June J

"I met you at the northern Face and Body in San Jose this past Aug. and you recommended that I try Restore and Natural Defense for my Interstitial Cystitis and I just wanted to let you know, within 2.5 weeks I felt 75% better in regards to pain in my pelvic area, and great all around health wise . I am sold on the product! " ~ Bobbie P

"In November 2012, I decided to give Osmosis a shot at removing my melasma that had appeared on both sides of my face 3 months after I delivered my son. They were the size of golf balls. The left side of my cheek actually looked like the state of California, seriously! I had been using a prescription cream of hydroquinone from a dermatologist for the past 6 months that had done absolutely nothing to improve my melasma condition. It only served to make my cheeks red and swollen. I looked like I had a very bad sunburn, not to mention how sensitive my skin became. Applying lotion or even just washing my face was a painful experience. Then I started using the Osmosis Skincare line. I figured I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything else out there. After 30 days of use I experienced a 50% decrease in my melasma! I was so happy and thankful something finally worked, that I incorporated several other products into my skin care regimen from the Osmosis Skincare line. My melasma is almost all gone and it has only been 4 months. I wish I would have known about Osmosis a long time ago. It feels great to not worry about using make-up or concealer to hide my face anymore!" ~ Yolanda

"Thank you for the wonderful products. Restore and Elevate are incredible tools to have in the treatment of immune deficient patients. Client's are reaching levels of healing faster with the Osmosis Wellness products than with any other product I have utilized in the last 3 years. With gratitude." ~ Susan Rohr BSN, RN

"I am loving the RESTORE—I am sure I can see a difference in my pigmentation, and I have had aching hips for over three months now and they have stopped aching!- I am 99% sure it is from the RESTORE drops." ~ Kim, Australia

"Even though I took very good care of myself, ate well, took supplements and did seasonal detoxes, for years I struggled with my health. Finally, in 2005 I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. The protocol included; massive amounts of expensive antibiotics for months, probiotics, immune supports, IV's...the list goes on. I only got worse. I was forced to go on disability, and give up my esthetic practice. I had an appointment scheduled with an infectious disease specialist at UC Davis but it was months away. Dr. Johnson recommended that I take Restore Internal. Having tried everything else, I wasn't optimistic but realized I had nothing to lose. Three months later I had my appointment with the specialist and when he told me I didn't have lyme disease I told him the test was incorrect and argued with him. Of course I did, I still felt terrible. After thinking about it and knowing that the cells have a cellular memory, I thought that maybe the disease was gone but my cells still needed to heal. So, I continued with the Restore as directed. Within another 6 months I was symptom free. I am now back to work, doing what I love and am completely healthy. I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson and his team for creating these incredible products that work! I feel very blessed to have all of them in my corner." ~ Brenda

"I wanted to share a recent discovery. Still building up sebum in the T-Zone at age 62! While trying to expel pores on the nose, I lost epidermal layers creating a red dot. I immediately began treating the area with Repair. I have since noticed with continual use the T-Zone pores are shrinking so I have incorporated Repair along with my daily serums." ~ Bonnie

"Wanted you to know how above exceptional the Catalyst is in stopping the horrible outbreak of Herpes on the face. I have had this happen during times of stress all my life. Nothing has actually stopped the blisters from running their course usually 7-10 days. When applied at the first sign of redness and awareness that it's back, it will hold back the swelling 80% and the blisters do not run their course but are stopped immediately and in three days are basically gone. Usually there is another 7 or more days of redness after the blisters are gone. Now there are no signs of it being there after 4 days total! This is short of a miracle! After a lifelong occurrence of this what a blessing to find something that is victorious over this disgusting virus. Thank you so much for making this product, never stop making it. "

"I am a licensed esthetician and I have been using your products for a few months now with remarkable results. I would like to share with you, two wonderful true incidences. My mom who has suffered from acute arthritic pain for almost a year and was not sleeping as a result has started taking Joint Health by Osmosis. I gave it to her as a gift and was so happy to hear that after taking it for just two days she is out of pain! She is sleeping soundly now and can even skip a day or two and still has no pain. She told my neighbor who is in her eighties and was in terrible pain due to her arthritis. My neighbor gave it a try and now is pain free too! She is from Japan and speaks very little English but her smile said it all! She wanted me to thank you for her new "medicine" which she is just amazed with. I am grateful that I found your company and shudder to think of how she would have been if it wasn't for the Harmonized Water. Thank you for your awesome products and great customer service. "

"I wanted to drop a quick note to you about Restore. I have some pigmentation on my cheek that I've been unable to get rid of for years. As an esthetician I've had the power to throw everything at it, but nothing has worked. I started on the internal Restore and my skin started looking better and a bunch of my brown spots went away. The bad spot on my cheek softened but didn't leave. I started on my second bottle of Restore (I'm dedicated!) AND included the topical Restore. Slowly but surely the spot started to break up and soften. It's been a slow process, and it isn't totally gone yet, but Restore is working where nothing else has touched it! Thank you!" ~ Cybil

"My husband and I used Osmosis UV Neutralizer last summer as our only form of sun protection. We took it one hour before exposure and did not experience any sunburn whatsoever. It enhanced a beautiful even suntan that usually takes weeks to achieve using a SPF lotion. We are both sold on the product and wouldn't be without it living at the beach." ~ Laurie

"I have been using and selling the UV water! I am a Fitzpatrick 4 so I don’t burn….however my children are another story. My oldest son is fair skinned, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He burns in 10 minutes. I wanted to try the UV water because being a typical boy, and us having a pool he’s in, and out, of our pool all day long. I can’t continually chase him around with a bottle of sun screen! Not only does the UV water protect him from burning…but he is actually tanning?? If you can believe that or not. I told this to one of my clients in her 30’s also fair skinned and she’s now using it and getting the same results! Amazing!" ~ Jennifer

"I use Osmosis products (Shelter, Eye Serum PM, Quench and Stem Factor with a few drops of Catalyst). Last week I was at Dr Jean Carruther's office for injections of Juvaderm and both her and her assistant commented on how great my skin looks! "

"I’m always working on the farm but I didn’t have the energy to pursue some other form of exercise and I felt really stiff and achy. So now the very good news is that I’m no longer having hot flashes, I’m far less stiff and achy and feeling way more balanced and just YOUNGER!! This has all happened on one capful per day in the morning. " ~ Pam on Hormone Balance Water

"I'm a huge fan of Osmosis skincare and have been using it for 2.5 years! My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner, well before having Laser Genesis which absolutely destroyed my face, but Osmosis has done a huge amount of repair. I cant thank-you enough for products like: Replenish, Correct, Catalyst, Boost and StemFactor." ~ Kitty in Australia

"Over the past month I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin through using Osmosis skincare. I began with a starter pack then introduced 'Stem Factor' - this has resulted in a huge difference to both the acne prone areas as well as contributing to the overall glow of my skin. I have had problems with my skin for a number of years and in particular Osmosis Stem Factor is the only product I've found that continues to improve skin appearance." ~ Emma

"Every morning and night, I think about emailing you to tell you how delighted I am with the Osmosis products you put me on to. What a world of difference they are making. They are lovely to use, and leave me looking fresh faced, like I've been for a big workout (and I haven't usually!!). I can really see the results with this product - and I am so pleased." ~ Katerina

"A few weeks ago I used your UV water and was really impressed that even after being out in the sun for hours I had no trace of tan or sunburn. Awesome." ~ Lynn M

"One of my customers for the Digestive Health Water is REALLY REALLY loving it. She is the massage therapist at work & very into eating well, exercising and a healthy digestive system. She got the water for her husband and herself and was amazed at what she experienced. She thought she had a very clean system but apparently the water really detoxed her. She is telling EVERYONE about it!" ~ Patricia

"I used the UV Water in Punta Mita Mexico. I was in the pool a lot with the baby and in the sun all day and I did not burn at all. We got the nicest tan. I normally burn in 10 minutes with my white Irish skin."

"I just wanted to let you know my boyfriend and I tried your harmonized UV water on Sunday while lying around the pool at the Wynn. He got so flippin' tan, no burn and no sunscreen:-) I don't really lay in the sun, more of a shade girl, but the little I was in the sun I also had no burn and a little color. The stuff is amazing!!" ~ Lynn

"Have I discovered Harmonized Water? I'm living by it. When I was learning the line, this was the one item I promised myself not to buy. I've been conned by one too many snake oils. Now it's the first thing I go to. My mouth drops open daily from the results we are obtaining. Tested my 70 year old mother out on Joint Water for her constant, every day pain which she vocalized about every 10 minutes. We had an entire month's reprieve from the constant complaints of pain. Joint water ran out, three days later...well, I couldn't buy more fast enough. Now we use a host of harmonized waters along with ATP and feeling fantastic. Thanks, Dr. J" ~ Erica via Facebook

"I tested the UV Protection Harmonized Water..(my skin burns in 15 minutes w/o sunscreen so i was nervous) SUCCESS!! I was outside for 2 hours with NO sunscreen during peak hours and wasn't even pink! My year and a half year old drinks it as well and hasn't burned once this summer and is outside everyday! Thank You, Thank You for this product!" ~ via Facebook

"I've been a "believer" for some time now...but my husband was always skeptical. A couple of weeks ago we tried the UV water while outdoors for about 6 hours with no other sunscreen (except for my own daily application of Shelter) and no shade...we took it as directed and did not burn. So even my skeptical husband is starting to come around :)" ~ Rachael

"I love ATP! For many years I was not able to lose weight even though I am athletic, a health and exercise nut. After taking ATP for only a short time I have lost weight, inches and FAT in stubborn areas. I am happy to say I am looking leaner and firmer, I am almost 50! I have more energy, clarity and focus." ~ Christy

Determined to put this water to the test I drank a cap full 1-hour before venturing out. The first thing I noticed was that I never experienced feeling the sting and bite from the sun that I would normally feel. After 3 hours there was a very slight demarcation line from where skin had been exposed, which was not red or pink but to my delight a slight tan did exist. Harmonized Water is like a second skin of protection, which is healthy and natural. I love it! ~ Kay, New Zealand

"Harmonized UV Water is a fantastic answer to sun protection living in New Zealand. Kiwi’s are under constant attack from harsh sun because of the depleted O-Zone layer affecting New Zealand.

"I was thrilled to hear about the UV water and tested it on my son who had a sport camp every day for a week. The temperature that week was ranging from 98 to 102 degrees. When he came home and his skin was neither red nor burnt. My son told me: “the water really works!” No need to apply sunscreen." ~ Caroline

I have been using Osmosis for the past three years with great success. The Catalyst and Stemfactor have been especially effective in making my skin look flawless with a healthy glow. People often stop to complement me on how beautiful my skin looks. Thank you www.wendysfaceplace.com for introducing me to this magnificent line of skincare products. ~ Tori, Germantown, MD

Medical esthetician Marianne Kehoe, has worked with thousands of clients and numerous products for more than 30 years. “Between Catalyst and StemFactor, the results I’m seeing in my practice are phenomenal, repeatedly,” according to Kehoe, “including with post-operative scars and people who have been exposed to the California sun for years.”

Dr. Nancy Chen, an ophthalmologist in Hawaii, reports significant improvement in skin texture and pigmentation with Catalyst. “We have seen some real improvement in discoloration that occurs in the condition vitiligo,” she said. “I was most impressed with the fact that there was repigmentation of areas, within a few weeks of use.” Melasma can also be dramatically improved due to SRGF-7’s cellular correction abilities.

“With Catalyst and StemFactor, they’re actually getting down into cell repair,” says Dr. Ian Matheson. “When you have products that do this – everything else is obsolete.” Matheson, a board certified plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida, adds: “We have seen excellent results with hyperpigmentation and rosacea over the past year, in addition to fairly quick improvement in fine lines. For the face, neck and chest, religious use of Catalyst has been very effective when combined with a liposomal serum like StemFactor for delivery and absorption.”