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I just completed a 6 day HIGH altitude trek in India and RESCUE and PROTECT are all I brought for my face...perfect choice!!! My skin endured wind, rain, snow, and intense sun and it's thriving. LOVE these products! ~ via Instagram, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I am in the beauty business and have tried it all. I am now using Osmosis products...I must tell you that my skin has never been as beautiful as it is right now. I am using Purify, Catalyst AC-11, Renew, Replenish, and Clear. Your product is quite exceptional, both in ingredients and consistency. I am most grateful for your expertise in this field. There are hundreds of thousands of skincare promises, but you have delivered! ~ Robin, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

Wanted you to know how above exceptional the Catalyst AC-11 is in stopping the horrible outbreak of Herpes on the face. I have had this happen during times of stress all my life. Nothing has actually stopped the blisters from running their course, usually 7-10 days. When applied at the first sign of redness and awareness that it's back, it will hold back the swelling 80% and the blisters do not run their course but are stopped immediately and in three days are basically gone. Usually there is another 7 or more days of redness after the blisters are gone. Now there are no signs of it being there after 4 days total! This is short of a miracle! After a life long occurrence of this what a blessing to find something that is victorious over this disgusting virus. Thank you so much for making this product, never stop making it. ~ Janet, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I wanted to share a recent discovery. Still building up sebum in the T-Zone at age 62! While trying to expel pores on the nose, I lost epidermal layers creating a red dot. I immediately began treating the area with Repair. I have since noticed, with continual use, the T-Zone pores are shrinking so I have incorporated Repair along with my daily serums. ~ Bonnie, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I'm a huge fan of Osmosis Skincare and have been using it for 2.5 years! My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner...Osmosis has done a huge amount of repair. I can't thank you enough for products like: Replenish, Correct, Catalyst AC-11, and StemFactor...Many thanks. ~ Kitty, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

Thank you, Osmosis, for everything you do! I have looked everywhere for a great skincare line and almost nothing compares to yours. Keep up the great work! ~ Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I just started using the bottle of Calm I have and WOW! All of my redness is gone in my face after just 2 days of using it. I saw a huge difference just after the first time even...My new favorite product! ~ Jessica, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

Over the past month, I have noticed a significant improvement to my skin through using Osmosis Skincare...I have had problems with my skin for a number of years and in particular StemFactor is the only product that I've found that continues to improve my skin appearance. ~ Emma, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

...I must tell you of the latest wonders from your SUPER products...My skin has had some remarkable changes....I have gotten rid of at least 20 skin tags from my neck, 2 Seborrheic Keratoses, both near where glasses would hold the oil I think, and now I have had a scar on my left cheek from when I had long...The curling iron got tangled and fell on the side of my face, leaving a nasty burn...I had a large blister, it burst and with all that we tried to do, it still left a scar keloid, and I always worked on it daily and covered it. I noticed this past week when massaging [Catalyst AC-11] in, I could not notice feeling it and after looking at it…it was hardly visible at all.. YEA!!!! For all of this I say, THANK YOU! These products are just the best in this world...!


Your makeup has blown my circuits. I am crazy about everything in it. Also, it is incredibly easy to sell because it works so well. My favorite makeup products are the Brow Gel, Concealer, Contouring Powders, Liquid Eyeliner, and Blushes... Thank you! ~ Pamela, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer


As a busy working mom and cosmetic product developer, I have yet to find a company like Osmosis with products that not only give instant results for anti-aging and wellness but that give such impactful, real results that even people in my family who see me daily are noticing. I am so grateful to Dr. Ben and his wonderful team for creating such incredible products especially for the frequency water and skincare formulas. Inner Harmony is my favorite, I can feel my whole body tingling after taking it and feel so much more energy and less pain in my body. Restore is another favorite, my skin has improved so much and my hormonal acne after having a baby is gone completely. I recommend these two products along with the entire Osmosis line as we know that this same level of efficacy and adherence to using the highest quality ingredients is incorporated throughout their line. Thank you Osmosis! ~ Victoria, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I love this product! After my Grandmother passed away, I became very stressed and my hair started thinning, it stopped growing and was falling out in clumps. I tried many things to get it to grow again, including biotin supplements, but wasn't seeing any results. One day I mentioned this [to my esthetician], and she told me about the Osmosis Waters. I'm happy to tell you I'm now on my 4th bottle of Hormone Health. After using the first bottle, my hair started to grow again and I had results I could actually see...I also noticed my nails were growing in a lot stronger...Thank you...! ~ Kayla, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I have been dealing with Melasma for almost two years as a results of birth control pills and finally have found a product that works. I have tried everything...chemical peels, IPL, hydroquinone and retinol, and while the melasma lightened slightly, it was still there...After one month of using the Osmosis Restore [and Rescue], I am finally seeing a significant difference. I truly believe that melasma is an internal problem and wish that mroe doctors had the insight to heal the issue from the inside. Thank you for your work and I promise to spread the word to my friends that suffer from the same frustrating problem. ~ Cara, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I have been taking the Skin Perfection Water for over a year for my acne and have see wonderful results... ~ Shalini, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I love this product [UV Water]! I have some autoimmune issues and I have had skin cancer so going into the sun is tricky. This product works for me to help my body deal with the sun without sun blisters (auto immune related) etc. I also have a little girl who can't go in the sun due to an allergy...She was seen at the mayo clinic and she was the youngest person in the world to be diagnosed with the worst case of solar urticaria they have seen. This [UV Water] has allowed her less problems than ever before! ~ Satisfied Osmosis Customer

Had to share my experience using Osmosis UV Water. First, I must admit I was a little skeptical, but had to give it a try since I had heard how it worked for others. Today my kids went to the water park in 108 degree weather. I gave them the UV Water before they left the house and applied an SPF. They left @ 1:00 out all day until evening. When they returned home, their skin was not red at all and they did not reapply their SPF. In the past using SPF alone they would need to reapply at least twice. If they didn't, they would certainly come home with a little sunburn. This worked great for my kids. Glad we gave it a try. ~ Theresa, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I love it [Hormone Health]! I had a bald spot and finally it's filling in. Now all my friends want it too!

I have a friend whose husband is using Osmosis Waters to grow his hair back. When I saw how well it worked on him, I tried the Inner Harmony on my 26 year old Nanday Conure Parrot. He has been pulling his feathers out since 2005, the feathers that he still had were ratty looking and I could not find anything that worked. Now he has feather growth where feathers have not grown for years! He still has a few bald spots but now his feathers are bright and beautiful! ~ Colleen, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

...My most recent discovery is your Elevate supplement. The testimonies I have gotten [from my clients] are amazing. By adding the Elevate [into my practice], I feel I can offer a more holistic approach and enhance long-term success. Most of my clients are pre and pot menopausal and Elevate is really helping crank things back in gear for them. It really has been amazing for me at 60... ~ Pamela, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

Thank you for the wonderful products. Restore and Elevate are incredible tools to have in the treatment of immune deficient patients. Clients are reaching levels of healing faster with the Osmosis Wellness products than with any other product I have utilized in the last 3 years. ~ Susan, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I had the good fortune of meeting you at the Esthetics Show 2013 at the Javitz Center in NYC. You reported curative results treating your own moderately to severe psoriasis. So with very high hopes I purchased the designated water, [Skin Pefection]. It is my understanding that it would take about 3 months to see results. I have been taking the water for the past couple of weeks for my mild to moderate psoriasis and I must say I am seeing an excellent response in this short amount of time. Every day my skin keeps getting better and better. I might even be able to wear short sleeves this summer. It truly brings tears to my eyes. I'll keep you posted. Thank you Dr. Johnson! ~ Patricia, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I would like to say thank you for making Elevate supplements available for purchase in your salon, Elevate has changed my life. I have adrenal fatigue and was extremely tired all the time and had a foggy head, which made my life and everyday hard work. I was told about the product, but have to admit, I was very skeptical. After 3 days my foggy head had gone and my energy levels were amazing. I especially love this product and thank Elevate for giving me back my life. I really recommend this product to anyone, especially if you need an extra boost. ~ June, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

Even though I took very good care of myself...for years I struggled with my health. Finally, in 2005, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease...I was forced to go on disability and give up my esthetic practice... Dr. Johnson recommended that I take Restore. Having tried everything else, I wasn't optimistic, but realized I had nothing to lose...Within another 6 months, I was symptom free. I am now back to work, doing what I love and am completely healthly. I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson and his team for creating these incredible products that work! I feel very blessed to have all of them in my corner. ~ Brenda, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I have been using and seeing the UV Water! I am a Fitzpatrick 4 so I don't burn, however my children are another story. My oldest son is fair skinned with blonde hair and blue eyes. He burns in 10 minutes. I wanted to try the UV Water because being a typical boy and us having a pool he's in and out of all day, I can't continually chase him around with a bottle of sunscreen! Not only does the UV water protect him from burning...but he is actually tanning? If you can believe that or not. I told this to one of my clients in her 30’s also fair skinned and she’s now using it and getting the same results! Amazing! It’s definitely going to be on my shelves for the duration! ~ Jennifer, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I've been using [Restore] for 4-5 months now and my hair is healthier than ever. Really silky and growing fast!!! Nails looking better too. ~ Cheryl, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I am a licensed esthetician and I have been using your products for a few months now with remarkable results. I would like to share with you, two wonderful true incidences. My mom who has suffered from acute arthritic pain for almost a year and was not sleeping as a result has started taking Inner Harmony...I gave it to her as a gift and was so happy to hear that after taking it for just two days she is out of pain! She is sleeping soundly now and can even skip a day or two and still has no pain. She told my neighbor who is in her eighties and was in terrible pain due to her arthritis. My neighbor gave it a try and now is pain free too.... I am grateful that I found your company and shutter to think of how she would have been if it wasn't for the water. Thank you for your awesome products and great customer service. ~ Marina, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

My personal testing of the UV Water has been nothing short of amazing. I have allowed my skin to tan for the first time in 30 years and have not burned at all. I also tested it on my 14 year old grandson who has milky white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. Without protection, he would normally burn red in 8 to 10 minutes, then freckles a few days later. Neither of us could believe that he did not burn at all! As you can imagine, I was afraid to try it on him but, we are both so excited to finally find a safe (and convenient) alternative to sunscreens!... ~Zia, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I am 80 years old and I frist learned of Restore about 11 or 12 years ago when I was told of its remarkable cosmetic properities...I mentioned that arthritis pain was moving from one joint in my hand to another at a rate of about one additional joint yearly...I was told [Restore] is an immune system enhancer and that the [arthritis] pain wouold be gone in 6 weeks. Sure enough, in about 6 to 7 weeks, the pain was about 90% gone. And no aditional joints became afflicted...I have never had the cold or the flu over this period and I never take flu shots anymore... ~ Jack, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

My 17 yr old granddaughter is a LifeGuard at the local swimming pool and here in Texas our sun can be pretty mean! I wanted her to be really protected this year and when I heard about the UV Water from Osmosis, I thought this was the chance to try it out...the first part of the summer she was using traditional sunscreen and of course she was out in the sun all day and the protection wore off...results were sunburn nose, etc! After using UV Water, no longer does she get the sunburn nose; in fact, she is missing the "red" look altogether and goes straight to "brown"...I was so happy to see no sun damage! ~ Colette, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I wanted to report that I have been off of medications for RA (rheumatoid arthritis) since March 12th. I normally take 7.5 mg of methotrexate weekly and plaqunil for the other 6 days. I have been taking Restore with success controlling the usual inflammation. Pretty exciting! ~ Sheila, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

My husband and I used Osmosis UV Water last summer as our only form of sun protection. We took it one hour before exposure and did not experience any sunburn whatsoever. It enhanced a beautiful, even suntan that usually takes weeks to achieve using a SPF lotion. We are both sold on the product and wouldn't be without it living at the beach. ~ Laurie, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I just wanted to let you konw my boyfriend and I tried your UV Water on Sunday while lying around the pool at the Wynn. He got so flippin' tan, no burn and no sunscreen. I don't really lay in the sun, more of a shade girl, but the little I was in the sun I also had no burn and a little color. The stuff is amazing!! ~ Lynn, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

One of my customers [using] Digestive Water is really, really loving it. She is the massage therapist at work and very into eating well, exercising, and a healthy digestive system. She got the water for her husband and herself and was amazed at what she experienced. She thought she had a very clean system, but apparently the water really detoxed her. She it telling everyone about it. ~ Stacey, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I have used Osmosis for several year and have also used your [frequency-treated waters]. A few weeks ago, I used your UV Water and was really impressed that after being out in the sun for hours, I had no trace of tan or sunburn. Awesome. ~ Lynn, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

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Now my face is back to where I was in hydration, tone, and overall loveliness of twenty years ago and I'm thrilled...Please keep up the good work! ~ Jill, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

Osmosis is so amazing, it follows so many things that I have studied for the last 15 years about health and listening to your body...After using Osmosis since last fall, I can see such a difference in my skin...and I barely need to do anything to it. ~ Christina, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

I am an esthetician who uses the Osmosis line personally and in my treatment room. I have 4 sons...they all take a treatment water of some kind...My 2 year old was outside with his nanny, I told her I ran out of the UV Water he took last summer to keep him from burning while outside. He has a Fitzpatrick of about a 15 minutes in the sun even with sunscreen he gets pink; he's very reactive to the sun. Well, he got the 1st sunburn ANY of my kids have ever had yesterday because she tried regular over-the-counter sunscreen on him...I applied Clear then Repair to all the areas that were red. This morning he still had some pinkness to his skin but it didn't hurt him to touch it. I applied Calm and Repair after he had a bath today and by 8 p.m. (mind you this is day 2 of his sunburn) his sunburn is GONE!!!...He took the UV Water all summer last year and never got burned and was out every day in his pool. ~ Karen, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

...I have been using your products for only 8 days and I'm serious, it has changed my life! I had blotches of eczema on my face and it's completely gone. I also had skin cancer on my face and the redness and such from that, completely gone. I am thrilled with the products and just had to tell you! I am sold as a customer, for life!" ~ Marie, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I am completely obsessed with Osmosis! I absolutely love your product line! It has completely changed my life. I was the girl that never got teen acne. Had beautiful clear skin all through high school and some college. As soon as I turned 21, my skin changed and I was breakout central. It took a major toll on my self confidence. I spent PLENTY of money on various products that claimed to work. They would for the first month or so, but then my skin would get used to it and I would be back at square one. I was finally introduced to Osmosis. I am proud to say I have been a loyal customer for six months now and my skin is just glowing! I don't have one blemish! The quality of Osmosis products is unsurpassable. I absolutely love it, and just want to thank you so much for making me a beautiful and happy customer! ~ Angella, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

I am a Cosmetologist in Austin, TX and have used and recommended Osmosis to my clients for a few years now. It has changed my life!! Thank you! ~ Megan, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

This skincare line is genius...I feel like there is absolutely nothing this skin care line can't do! It's way ahead of its time... ~ Danny, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer

In November 2012, I decided to give Osmosis [Restore] [and Rescue] a shot at removing my melasma that had appeared on both sides of my face 3 months after I delivered my son. They were the size of golf balls. I had been using a a prescription cream of hydroquinone from my dermatologist for the past 6 months that had done absolutely nothing to improve my melasma condition...Applying lotion or even just washing my face was a painful experience. Then I started using the Osmosis Skincare line. I figured I had nothing to lose as I had tried everything else out there. After 30 days of use I experienced a 50% decrease in my melasma! I was so happy and thankful something finally worked, that I incorporated several other products into my skin care regimen from the Osmosis Skincare line. My melasma is almost all gone and it has only been 4 months. I wish I would have known about Osmosis a long time ago. It feels great to not worry about using make-up or concealer to hide my face anymore! ~ Yolanda, Satisfied Osmosis Customer

The UV Water is amazing. I'm a fair Fitzpatrick 2 and I always get a sunburn whan exposed for more than an hour. I took my two granddaughters to Sea World in July and thanks to the UV water I did not burn, not even my scalp, and we spent the whole day there in a swimsuit. I pre-mixed the UV water with drinking water and took a good sip every 2 or 3 hours. I was thrilled with the results, thank you! Also...I had a young man come in his twenties come in with a swollen and inflammed leg due to what looked like spider or bug bites. He explained that he had no insurance and very little money and couldn't afford to go to the doctor. I sold him a bottle of Clear and explained how to use it. He came back 4 days later to show me his leg. All the sweling, rednes and inflammation was gone, and the bites were drying up. Needless to say, that was the best [money] he ever spent, he was so happy. ~ Patsy, Satisfied Osmosis Professional & Customer