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Firm Me Up Kit

Restore a youthful glow and unwrinkle years of damage with tighen and repair kit featuring Catalyst AC-11® and Clear Activating Mist for on-the-go skincare that empowers! Shop this dynamic duo here.

Spoil Me Kit

High performance, best-selling power serums provide the ultimate age reversal regimen in this conveniently sized kit with Catalyst AC-11®, StemFactor, Calm Vitamin A Serum, and Clear Activating Mist. Treat your skin to this kit!

Unwrinkle Me Kit

This rejuvenating and nourishing kit with Calm Vitamin A Serum and Clear Activating Mist restores skin appearance and improves visible signs of aging in a compact duo you'll love! Shop for this skincare kit here.

Performance Wear Satin Foundations

Our silky-smooth Satin Foundations provide long-wearing, buildable coverage with a lightweight feel on the skin. They feature calming chamomile to promote anti-aging and hydration while smoothing and plumping the skin to deliver a flawless, rejuvenated look. Shop for yours here.

Tropical Mango Barrier Recovery Mask - New Size

This combination of nut and fruit butters and oils nourishes, hydrates, and restores the skin's lipid barrier. Shop the new size here for ingredients rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties for soothed and replenished skin.

New Osmosis Products

StemFactor - New Formula!

This new formula contains 350% more growth factors resulting in faster results, more repair and wound healing, additional anti-aging benefits, and collagen and elastin proteins. Inspire your skin with this new advanced formula here.

Lip Pencils

These new and improved lip pencils now come in 6 righ-pigment shades and feature a built-in sharpener and retractable tip for long- wearing color that makes it easy to fill your lips without smearing anywhere you go! Shop these trendy new pencils here.


Providing a gentle and effective cleansing of the digestive tract and colon, Pathway imrpoves nutrient absorption, removes toxins, and enhances overall intestinal health in a 10 day cleanse. This supplement will create a difference in how the body looks and feel with more energy and beautiful, glowing skin. Shop for your next cleanse.

Eye Shadow & Blush Palette

This new 6-well palette completes any Osmosis Professional's shadows and blushes collection complete with Peony, Poppy, and Tulip blushes, plus Evergreen Eye Shadow Trio, Chocolate Brulee, and Mystic Mulberry Eye Shadow Duos!